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Dark Glass Theatre is founded on the idea that empathy can change the world; that giving voice to those who do not feel heard, and bringing to life experiences that might otherwise remain hidden, can free us from judgement and enable us to see each other more clearly; and that this process can bring about a compassionate revolution.

Based in Vancouver, BC, we produce plays and events that allow us to see, face to face, people we might not otherwise meet.


Our Mission

We believe that one of the most damaging forces at work in our world is the demonizing of the “other”.

We aspire to tell stories that build bridges between groups or individuals separated by discord or trauma, and to equip individuals to explore and express their own stories of forgiveness and healing.

As we identify with others on stage – people who are not two-dimensionally represented on a silver screen or buried within the pages of a book but living and breathing right in front of us – we are confronted with our common bond. We can no longer judge the “characters” as we consider the world from their point of view.

As we come face to face with another’s perspective, without judgement, we are empowered to act in love. And that action can change the world.


Artistic Director

Angela Konrad is a director, teacher, and dramaturge, who has been working in theatre for more than 20 years.

In addition to directing Dark Glass Theatre's productions of disPLACE and Ruined, she has had the privilege of directing several productions for Pacific Theatre. These include:

  • John Patrick Shanley's Outside MullingarJessie Award winner for Outstanding Production.

  • Margaret Edson’s Wit

  • Emil Sher’s Mourning Dove

  • Arlene Hutton’s Last Train to Nibroc

  • Marsha Norman’s Traveler in the Dark

  • Craig Wright’s Grace Jessie Award winner for Outstanding Direction and for Outstanding Production

For Glass City Theatre, Angela directed Stephen Adly Guirgis’ Jesus Hopped the ‘A’ TrainJessie Award winner for Outstanding Production, Lead Actor and Lighting Design.

In the summer of 2018, she directed Jessica Dickey’s The Amish Project for Rosebud Theatre in Alberta.

Angela has experience in many areas of theatre, from costume design to administration to marketing. She is Professor of Theatre at Trinity Western University where she directs regularly and teaches acting and directing.


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